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Encore Painting Ltd: 416.670.6589

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Exterior painting

Proper preparation of any painting project is the groundwork for ensuring a long-lasting, quality job. With this in mind, our painters will:


  • Thoroughly power-wash the entire exterior surface if requested, or the project requires it
  • Cover all landscaping, bushes, driveways and other non-painted areas as required
  • Seal all cracks in wood, brick or stucco to seal out moisture
  • Hard scrape to remove all loose and peeling paint
  • Light sand all scraped areas to take some of the edges off
  • Provide optional feather sanding, using power sanders and additional hand sanding which leaves no edges where the previous layers existed
  • High-grade primers are applied to the thoroughly prepped areas to seal bare spots.

Finish Coat

  • The Finish Coat seals the thoroughly prepped surface and is what gives the fresh look that you and your neighbours will admire. Top-of-the-line Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Dulux paints are typically used to ensure a quality, long lasting job. Even paint coverage is done to provide visual consistency.

Exterior painting serves two important functions:

1. It protects your investment
Nature’s elements, like UV rays, moisture and Canada’s gruelling winters take their toll on exposed brick and wood over time. It is much more cost effective to prepare the surface and re-paint than to have to replace the material.

2. It provides an aesthetically pleasing finish to your home
A fresh coat of paint revitalizes and refreshes the look of your home. It shows pride of ownership and makes your biggest investment look fresh and updated.

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